"Drum circles are a perfect way to get out of your head and into your heart!"

Marianne Williamson, author of The Age of Miracles


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Drum Sales

I love drum making, as soon as I fell in love with African drumming, I wanted to make my own drum. It is a wonderful process, I made lots of drums over the years, learning more and more, fine tuning my skills. I love working wth he natural materials, the meditative repetition when creating the beautiful circle patterns of the roping. I like tuning in to the different energies of the wood and hide. I like to create drums with respect to the materials used, the animals involved and myself.

Are you a teacher or facilitator, and or interested in buying several drums or drumbags, or would like to sell drums to your students? Contact me for special rates and offers.

Drums for Sale

I have imported wooden drum vessels from overseas which I have skinned and roped with kangeroo and goat. African djembeh is traditionally strung with goat, although before the goat came to Africa, the Djembeh was covered with Antelope which perhaps is more like kangeroo.

Kangaroo tends to bring a slightly higher sound to the drum, I love all drums but always prefer kangeroo on my own djembehs. The drums are strung with good strong rope. I always make a rope handle for carrying.

Postage: Drums can be picked up in Perth and often for FREE delivered in the South West. I will contact you to confirm your order and to arrange your postage payment. (Example Djembe Postage cost to Alice Springs = $35.00)

Beautiful Djembehs for Sale
Deep Carved Djembeh
Naturally stained mahogany wood
with Kangaroo or Goat hide
60cm high, 28 cm width
$325 plus postage

60cm high, 30 cm width
 plus postage

Uncarved Djembeh
Naturally stained & unstained mahogany wood with Kangaroo or goat hide 60cm high, 28cm width
$295 plus postage

60cm high, 30cm width
$325 plus postage

Drum with openings on base.

This drum does not need to be held between the legs and therefore is easy to play for those who miss the strength in the legs to hold the drum ( children or older people ) $325 plus postage

Beautiful Hoop Drums Made by Me

I am passionate about drumming, and make each drum with love. I meditate and listen to the messages it brings me while I am making it, I respect the materials I use and enjoy the journey of its creation.

I can also make a drum specifically for you, not only to your own specifi- cations, but with a prayerfulness, inviting into the Drum your own intent and spirit.

When making a drum for you I can make it more personal using colours you like and perhaps paint symbols on the inside of the wooden hoop that are meaningfull to you.

This does not nescasarely cost any more, and I love doing it. I can also paint a picture if you like on the drumskin itself.

I love making a drum for you, working meditating on you, and what you would like this drum to bring into your life. Contact me about your custom made drum.

The drums I sell are very resonant and lightweight drums. They are great for using in ceremony, for vibrational healing, house or chakra clearing, or even simply in a didgeridoo or drum jam.

These drums are great anywhere you might want to take a powerful compact drum. And at home beautiful object to look at and play with, that will emanates its healing qualities throughout your house!

Healing Hoop Drum
My 7cm.wide, 35cm. Diameter cost Aus. $205.00 plus postage

All drums include handmade beater with cotton filled leather covered top Plus postage.

My 7cm.wide, 40cm. Diameter cost Aus. $235.00 plus postage

All drums include handmade beater with cotton filled leather covered top Plus postage.

My 8cm.wide, 45cm. Diameter
cost Aus $285.00 plus postage
My 9cm.wide, 50cm. Diameter
cost aus. $335.00 plus postage


Hoop Drum Bag
cost aus. $45.00 plus postage

Beautiful Djembehs Carry Bags for sale

I got these drum bags made for my drums.

This Rasta Bag is padded & zip, and fits a 60cm./30cm. Djembeh. $45.00 plus postage


These Drum Bags are great and very cheap, and fits a 60cm./30cm. djembeh
$45.00 plus postage

This Extra Strong Drum Bag is padded & zip, created with traditional Balinese fabrics, and fits a 60cm./30cm. Djembeh. $55.00 plus postage


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